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Akin’s broad continuum of care ranges from prenatal to adulthood, leveraging over a century of experience to advance child and family well-being, strengthen caregiver-child relationships and develop a skilled workforce for child and family support. We offer 30+ programs statewide and partner with several that have national impact.

We prioritize relationships and social justice in our approach to programs and services.

Below is an overview of our offerings. For more information on our programs and services in family support, early learning and mental and behavioral health, please reach out to your region’s office.

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Child and family resources

Extensive resources tailored for both children and families from prenatal and beyond, with strategies and activities promoting early childhood development and specialized parenting support including: Life Skills Education | Parenting Classes & Workshops | Play and Learn groups | Early Supports for Infants and Toddlers | Head Start | Home Visiting | ECEAP

Counseling and support

A full complement of family-centered counseling programming are available with in-person and virtual opportunities including: Community-Based Mental Health Services | School-Based Support, Parenting Support Groups | Wrap-Around Supports | FIND Video Coaching

Community capacity building

Fostering community capacity and enhancing well-being through workforce development and coalition building toward systemic change such as: Center for Early Relational Health | Washington Family Support Network | Low Income Housing Institute

The Washington Family Support Network ensures every community can access holistic support.

In cities across Washington state, Family Resource Centers (FRC) are multigenerational, family-oriented and welcoming spaces where families can find support, services, resources, referrals and, importantly, community. FRC services strive to:
Enhance parenting skills.
Foster the healthy development and well-being of children, youth and families.
Prevent child abuse.
Connect families to resources.
Increase school readiness.
Develop parent and community leadership.
Promote family economic success.

For additional information, please contact Washington Family Support Network Director Nathan Koch.

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Art with Heart

For over 20 years, Art with Heart has been using the healing power of creative expression to support kids and youth. Our therapeutic, art-based curriculum and books are a proven path to transforming pain into possibility, with a keen focus on the connection between adult and child.

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The Center for Early Relational Health

The growth and development of young children hinge on the positive emotional connections formed between babies, toddlers and their parents or caregivers. The Center for Early Relational Health is a hub for providers and families to connect and grow in their relationships with young children through resource sharing, specialized training and learning from each other to support our youngest humans.

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Parents for Parents (P4P)

We believe in supporting children and families who have entered the public child welfare system so they can fully realize their potential. When possible, our goal is to reunite parents and their children quickly and provide them with the tools they need to be successful.

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