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Dedicated for more than 125 years to improving the lives of children and their caregivers.


Thousands of Washington state families served each year.

Disrupting systemic and multi-generational cycles of inequity.

Akin exists to support and strengthen Washington state families. From prenatal to adulthood, prevention to intervention, our programs and services are built upon more than a century of helping create nurturing environments and systemic improvements for families in the state. As we move into the future, we’re holding fast to our dedication to keeping families together.

Together to better partner with children, families and communities.

Akin is the product of the 2024 merger between two of Washington state’s most impactful family services organizations, Childhaven and Children’s Home Society of Washington. With our combined experience and reach, we’re now able to offer expanded services, elevated connection and more comprehensive, wraparound support for Washington state families and their communities.

This merger allows us to grow and evolve as one organization, not for the sake of size but for the scope of direct impact in how Akin can partner with parents, caregivers, children and communities, together, to strengthen families.”

— Dave Newell, Akin President and CEO

As Akin, we strive to:

Listen deeply to families and communities about what they need.
Imagine impact beyond programs and services.
Pursue a future grounded in healing and justice.

We’re invested in creating better lives for children and families.

The goal of any society must be to do things to increase the probability that parents and families can provide enriched experiences that lead to good outcomes.”
— Dr. Bruce Perry, Author / Neuroscientist

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We serve our communities through a broad range of tailored child and caregiver services. Our goal is to meet families where they are, with compassion and care, providing the support that can make an immediate impact today, while providing the tools for success and growth well into the future. We’ve seen time and time again that what’s better for children and families is better for communities.

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Akin embodies the kinship we find with one another through relationship, unity and belonging.

When we elevate and partner with children, families and communities, we are all akin.

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The people of Akin come from diverse experiences and backgrounds, but they all share one purpose: they’re dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of Washington state’s children and families.

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