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Reimagining better futures through family health and well-being.

Akin is dedicated to helping children and families across Washington state strengthen and grow together.

Akin works to disrupt systemic and multi-generational cycles of inequity by partnering with children, families and communities to transform population-level health and well-being.

The need is great. Together, we’re greater.

Children and families do better when they’re able to stay together. With the right support and access to tailored resources and services, they’re more likely to have greater well-being. Our comprehensive spectrum of services can help connect families with resources to fit their needs.

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1.8 million Washington state residents are at risk of neglect due to poverty.

37% of children will be seen by Child Protective Services before they’re 18 years old.


Meeting specific challenges with uniquely tailored support.

In partnership with local organizations, schools and community leaders, our community-focused approach removes barriers to care. There is no one-size-fits-all in family well-being. What works for one family won’t necessarily work for others. At Akin, we offer support to fit and accommodate the specific situations of each family.

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We are together. We are a family.

Former family served by Akin, Leandra shared her story of partnering with Akin (formerly Childhaven) program team members and reunifying her family.

With your help, families can thrive.

Your donation makes a direct impact on the success of families in your community and across Washington state. Together, we can make a difference.

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